Public Power For The People

We need Public Power.

It’s time for an energy revolution. We need a new system of energy in our country that puts our people and our planet first — not energy monopolies. To save lives and to fight the climate crisis at the same time, utilities must be public goods for everyone.

Every single person in this country should have the electricity and temperature control they need for basic survival. People shouldn’t have to choose between turning on the heat or buying food, and we all deserve quality energy systems — not poorly maintained ones that are designed to maximize profits and put people in harm’s way.

The United States must transform its power system to be just, equitable, anti-racist, and climate- and disaster-resilient by establishing a public power system.

That’s why Reps. Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman are teaming up to pass a resolution to make power publicly owned. Will you add your name to co-sponsor Public Power?